Why Building a Deck Could Save Your Business… and your Life!

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This is for anyone who struggles with the simple act of actually “getting stuff done” (like yours truly) – this is well, well worth the read. Stay with me – and prepare for a shock to the system…

How to Actually Get Out of a Rut and See Results.

I think it’s safe to say that feeling “stuck” is a common symptom when you’re trying to get things going. Whatever these “things” may be. And I’d also bet that – 9 times out of 10 – the challenge really isn’t about “the task”.

Sure, lots of people struggle with different “things”, etc. But that’s really more of a side-effect than the actual root cause of WHY we get “stuck”.

Unfortunately… it’s a bit more complex.

I’ve received literally hundreds of emails from people over the years expressing that “if they could only do this…”, or “if they could only find the right market…” – or whatever – then everything would work out. The dream would become reality. If only.


That’s one dangerous little word. You see – and I’m saying this as somebody who still struggles DAILY to get stuff done, make progress, etc. – the REAL problem when we’re “stuck” is NOT that we don’t know what to do.

(Not kidding – that’s the truth). Instead – and pay very close attention here – the REAL Problem is this:

We Don’t Believe In Ourselves… So We Mask That Weakness With a Scapegoat (“IF Only _____”)…

…Because Dreaming is SAFER than Trying

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I think that will resonate with a lot of people reading this. Well, maybe I’m wrong – but I know it sure resonates with ME. Over the years, I’ve come to see that “inner struggle” as my TRUE challenge.

When a project goes stale or runs out of steam… it’s not because I “couldn’t find the right keywords”. Or “get enough sales”. Or “whatever”.

Those are things that are easily quantifiable (and in many cases “copy-able”), and it’s just a matter of doing. Instead – when something flops, stalls or gets “STUCK“… it’s because I’ve internally CHOSEN things like escapism, distraction and “reactive action” (ie. checking emails all day, checking stats, etc.)…

…as opposed to actually doing very simple, fundamental things that drive results.

(And that’s another “nugget” takeaway from this – the big results are from “boring” fundamentals. Back to basics, people… back to basics. Regardless of how “advanced” or “high level” you try to be, nothing shows results like good ‘ol basics.

Okay, so…

How Does Somebody Overcome the “Inner Roadblocks” And Embrace REAL RESULTS Instead of SAFE DREAMS?

That is – quite literally – the million-dollar question. It’s very similar to dieting/exercise. It ain’t no secret, folks. Eat less + exercise more = Guaranteed Results. (Remember the basics?)

(And it’s not really even that hard to do.) The tough part is summoning the inner resolve – the WILL – to act. But why is the WILL TO ACT so freakin’ hard!!?? I honestly don’t know.

Maybe it’s just one of those human-condition things. But I DO know that over the years, I’ve only found ONE strategy that always seems to work when I encounter this sort of “mental rut”… and it’s very, very simple.

Now, because of that, be careful not to underestimate the power of what I’m about to share. Actually, TRY doing this, and you’ll be amazed at the mental clarity it produces…

Going Nowhere? Get Yourself a Hammer & Nails…


You get your supplies, your hammer, and some nails, and then you just nail it together piece by piece. Until it’s done. And that’s all there is to it. Pure simplicity in action.

There’s no “secret searching”. No “discovering the way”. Just build a damn deck, and when you run into obstacles, Google your way around them. Not hard.


And the only thing that has worked for me, over the years, to stay on task and maintain progress is to revert my thinking back to “Building a Deck“. Forget about inner doubts.

The “fear” of too many options. The subtle negativity that says “don’t try too hard in case it flops”. Forget “magic formulas”. Forget “wishing really hard to be successful so that the universe will unlock the magical success vibrations in your direction”, etc.


Building “Decks” has opened a lot of doors for many people I know. It’s actually pretty mind-blowing. But everything I’ve done that has produced real results – and I mean EVERYTHING – has been the result of what was initially just a few days of “production mode”.

Making a plan based on simple, common-sense observations. Building my proverbial decks. Daydreaming hasn’t made me a single dime. Neither has complaining. Nor has wishing, whining, etc.

But my little “decks” always work. That’s what works for me, anyway. And this simple, single “adjustment” in mindset every time I get myself stuck has worked wonders.

Well – hopefully, that struck a chord with some folks. And more importantly – maybe it will inspire even just one person to dump the “noise” and embrace the raw simplicity of doing things that get results.

Just like building a deck. Plain, simple – and life-changing.

Peace & Love!

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